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 Three week course, with lecturers from the Thomson Foundation: “The Editor as Manager and Journalist”


Two-day Seminar in collaboration with The Central Bank of Malta: “The Aims and Instruments of Economic Policy”



Two-week course with lecturers from The Thomson Foundation:“Training Programme for Broadcast Journalists” – In collaboration with the Broadcasting Authority


Three-day Commonwealth Press Union Pre-Conference Editorial Seminar Organised by the Wolfson College, Cambridge, Press Fellowship Programme. Also co-sponsored by the Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Foundation


Mabel Strickland Memorial Lecture I

Lord Rees-Mogg: “Ethics in Journalism”



Three-day Conference on: “Philanthropy and the Media”Organised by Interphil (Geneva)


Mabel Strickland Memorial Lecture II

Prof. Dr. Bernd-Peter Lange, Director General, The European Institute for the Media “Challenges to European Integration: The Role of the Media”


Four-day XXXIII International Congress of the Association of European Journalists “New Frontiers to the European Union: The Effect of Institutional Reforms on European Enlargement.” Organized by the Malta Section of the AEJ



Mabel Strickland Memorial Lecture III

Professor Robert Pinker, Privacy Commissioner of the British Press Complaints Commission, “Press Regulation in a Free Society: The British Experience”.


Three-day Workshop on “Political Skills for Women Candidates” Organised by The Department of Equal Status of Women



Meetings of the European Centre of the International Council of Women at Villa Parisio.